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About Us

Welcome to Runway360

The premier destination for aspirants of the Customer Service profession, seeking a comprehensive and elite training experience in the city of Hyderabad.

Welcome to the Runway360

Runway 360 has been established in recognition of the remarkable job opportunities that are forecasted for the next decade in the Aviation and Hospitality industries.

The aim is to identify and empower individuals from all backgrounds, to become the future leaders of these industries. As our name suggests we fuel their ambition by giving them a complete 360 degree transformation that will help them get launched into their dream careers.

Our Vision

To establish as a top notch soft skills training and image transformation institute in the region, by earning the trust of all who seek the best and relevant in-class training that meets industry standards.

Our Mission

To create an organic learning center for career aspirants of Aviation and Hospitality through an industry focused program which will foster their confidence and achieve excellence both professionally and personally.

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart from the rest is our unique background and expertise. We are thrilled to introduce our academy as the only one to be conceptualized and founded by a former industry insiders including a former Inflight Base Manager with wide expertise in personally recruiting and mentoring Cabin crew members. With a combined In-flight services experience of more than 25 years, our thoughtfully assembled team is passionate about nurturing the next generation of customer facing champions, particularly Flight Attendants.

Our strong industry connections combined with our commitment to excellence give our graduates a competitive edge that will make them stand out when it comes to job placements and career opportunities in companies and Airlines alike. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our students and providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in their careers long after they have completed their training with us.

Our Trust

Meet our Founder

Hello there!!
I am Kiran Kanth Desetty,
Being an In-Flight Management specialist who was personally involved for more than 15 years in Aviation recruitments and cabin crew mentoring with top Airlines like Kingfisher and IndiGo, I can confidently say that my understanding of the journey to becoming a Customer service professional, is second to none.

Almost 2 decades back, I started off with a similar dream like you with a passion for making a profession out of travelling, meeting new people and finding joy in creating a positive impact. Having been there and done what you are setting out to do right now, I can safely tell you that there are very few jobs that are as rewarding and exciting as those in the service industry.

I along with my spouse Ms Gagan Bhalla who is an Ex Airhostess (10+ years) turned Aviation trainer and a Professional Make-up artist come with an in-depth knowledge of the Aviation industry allowing us to provide our students with unparalleled insights and expertise. Together we have created a warm and inclusive learning environment that provides well-rounded (360 degree) education program that goes beyond the basics and equips you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to enter and thrive in the competitive aviation industry.

Mentors who matter

The Team

Gagan Bhalla
Director - Operations and Training
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